“I pray Hail Marys.
Only Hail Marys.
Mother is sacred.”
Set against the ominous backdrop of 19th century Italy, REDEMPTIO weaves a tale of forbidden desires, hidden darkness and the delicate dance between life and death.

Can darkness fear light, or will its fatal move consume it forever?

Born to Italian parents amidst the vibrant streets of Rio, Tommaso returns to his ancestral homeland at the age of thirty. Carrying with him a mysterious secret he dares not share, he has carved out a unique identity as both a skilled doctor and a photographer specialising in post-mortem images. These haunting portraits of the deceased are a testament to his unsettling connection to the realm between life and the unknown.

Francesca, a radiant and vivacious young woman, captures Tommaso's heart with her beauty and intellect. Drawn to his enigmatic presence, she begs him to capture her image through his lens. But Tommaso resists, haunted by the darkness he carries, a burden that grows heavier with every fleeting moment he spends in her luminous presence.

What Readers are Saying
  • Jessica Galleote
    Beta Reader
    Honestly, what a great story! It got me in the first sentence. The first chapter is fantastic, it ends with a total page turner. I wanted to keep reading it immediately.
  • Camila Bonifacio
    Beta Reader
    I loved her writing style; the descriptions are not only catchy but also interesting in the way they are presented. I've only read the first three chapters and I feel like I've known the protagonist for a long time. I love it and I'm very curious to read what more he (the protagonist) has to tell us.
  • Dessa
    Vampira Literária, Blogger
    "A thought-provoking, poetic and tragic story. It's impossible to stop reading until you reach the words "THE END".
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