What if there is no Heaven?

Do you dare enter the world of the Circus of Forgotten Memories?

In the sinister heart of an abandoned amusement park in Berlin, where the whispers of decrepit roller coasters echo long-lost dreams, Joshua, a tormented screenwriter, seeks refuge from his doubts. But as the silver curtain of Halloween falls over the city, a circus emerges from the mist: the Circus of Forgotten Memories. In the midst of the twisted tents, Joshua will find the answers to his questions.
In this mysterious time, the enchanting voice of Anna-Sena, a young singer, seals the fate of those who dare to enter the circus.

Prepare to be captivated by charismatic characters from realms beyond and to be drawn into unholy pacts as this thrilling story unfolds against the backdrop of an imminent event in this fateful year: a threatening shadow looming unseen…

Love, Death & Motown Records
“He had liked her. His attraction to her had been sudden and macabre, he knew. He knew that what was now called Anna-Sena had once been a young woman who had died. But she was there, in the flesh, smelling of perfume and sin.“
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